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website search engine optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a process to ensure that your website is designed to be attractive to the major search engines and directories, such as Google and Yahoo.

2020viz can also help with the development of an advertising campaign to raise the profile of your website with your target audience.

In optimising your web pages to enhance your search engine ranking, we avoid any approaches that would make your website listing - or indeed your website - look unprofessional.

There are plenty of cowboy companies who make false promises that your website will obtain a high search engine listing. 2020viz is definitely not one of them.

As a professional company, we cannot guarantee a first page listing for your website, but we can help you avoid the pitfalls that would ensure it doesn’t.

website search engine optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) carried out correctly is not ‘magic’ but a logical process with multiple stages.

The first stage is to capture from our customers who they consider to be their target audience. The world wide web is …. worldwide!

Part of the job is to shrink that audience – to target it to realistic levels. There is no point in a scrap metal merchant in Milton Keynes pitching for clients in Los Angeles.

The next stage is to look at how much competition there is for that target audience and if necessary refine your audience.

If your website already exists, it is important to benchmark how successful it is currently in attracting website traffic.
How can one measure success without a starting point?

website search engine optimisation

Once we have agreed on the target audience, it is important to define a list of key terms that one of its members may use to search for the goods and/or services that you provide.

Once this has been done, the website can be fine tuned to support these key terms, both by editing the site content itself but also the underlying code, with particular emphasis on the page titles, descriptions and headings.

Each page should be designed to offer a unique set of terms that, combined together, will enhance your website's visibility.

It is also important to make sure that the website has an accurate sitemap and that it is submitted to the most important search engines and on line business directories.

Finally, it should be registered with website visitor tracking services so that you can analyse the visibility of your site.

website search engine optimisation

Customers should consider advertising their website to support a professionally designed and optimised site. They should not spend money on advertising without ensuring the former is true.

If an advertising budget is available, 2020viz recommends that it is spent on a targeted campaign, using Google Adwords and that sufficient budget is allocated to analyse and redefine that campaign based on its performance.

It is also recommended, if budget is available that a listing is arranged with major business directories such as Yahoo.

Dependent upon your sector, you may benefit from agreeing link exchanges with suitable companies not competing for your specific target audience.

Customers should avoid 'specialist' SEO companies unless they are personally recommended, as they are unlikely to have the time or indeed interest in ensuring that you get the best possible service.