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who is behind 2020viz web design

2020viz is the trading name used by IT consultant Kevin Smith to promote his website design business which was started in 2000.

I am a highly experienced IT professional with more than 35 years experience delivering successful software based business solutions, across a wide range of business sectors, using a variety of technologies.

I have over the years held most positions in IT, from Operator to Programmer to Analyst to Software Manager to Consultant to Project Manager to Resources Manager and and for the past 20+ years as a Website Designer.

Fascinated by the opportunities arising from the development of the internet, I created 2020viz to use my business and technical knowledge to help my customers maximise the potential of this innovative communication channel.

Working with me, you are utilising my business consultancy experience as much as my website design skills.

who is behind 2020viz web design

I am committed to working with customers to develop their websites rather than designing in isolation. This takes more time in the short term but experience shows it produces the best results. I am committed to providing the best possible level of service.

With me, attention to detail is very important. I know my personal reputation is at stake.

A satisfied customer is the best advertising money cannot buy.

With new customers, all work comes with a fixed price guarantee – to establish trust. With ongoing customers, that can be relaxed, by mutual agreement, to aid work flow.

All software is tested at unit and system level before delivery and comes with a minimum 3 month warranty.

Email and telephone support is available by arrangement, even at weekends.