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why choose 2020viz web design
  1. Your website will be unique to you. We do not use templates.
  2. Our web pages are designed to be fast loading with clear navigation.
  3. We can help you fine tune what you want your website to project.
  4. We design your website to look good on all devices.
  5. Your pages will be designed to be search engine friendly.
  6. We can also help promote your website./li>
  7. We provide a high quality personal service to every customer.
  8. Over 35 year experience in software development and business consulting guarantees reliability.
  9. Pricing is fair and transparent.
  10. Our terms are flexible.
  11. Referrals are our No 1 marketing channel.
why choose 2020viz web design

What should you ask yourself when deciding if your website design is right?

  1. Is my website aligned with my business goals?
  2. Does my website work to build a relationship or just give facts?
  3. Is my website effective in getting a visitor to do something?
  4. Do I have measures in place that tell me how well my site is working?

Website development is no different from any other software development project.

By focusing on the key questions and following proven methods, quality can be assured.